vegetarian salad

Vegetarian tips & tricks

I am not a vegetarian at all, but I’ve been trying to eat a bit more in that way. Vegan is something I probably never will become, but vegetarian is something I actually can imagine being ok with. I have collected a few tips and tricks up my sleeve to make eating like a vegan or vegetarian a bit easier. I thought I’d share them with you. Hope you’ll like this post! 

Eating more vegetarian

The reason why I’ve started eating a bit more vegetarian is that I notice that sometimes I struggle to digest the food if I’ve eaten a lot of meat. When I cut down on my meat-eating my whole body feels better and healthier. I still eat meat sometimes, but I’ve started doing some small steps to be a bit more towards the vegetarian side when it comes to eating. I have friends that are vegan, and others that are vegetarian. They really give me a lot of advice which I appreciate. I have learned a lot already! I try to plan my meals for the week now, because when life is busy it can be hard to actually plan what you eat. But that’s when you SHOULD do that, so that you actually keep eating healthy.

Vegetarian breakfast

Earlier my breakfast was kind of basic. A piece of bread with ham or something like that. Now I’ve found something better, and it’s vegetarian. I mash an avocado on a piece of yummy bread. After that, I top it with some tomato slices. On top of THAT again, I put some salt and pepper. Sometimes I’ll add some chili flakes or even some olive oil. Depends on what I feel like that day. I can absolutely recommend that you try this on your bread the next time. It just makes it much tastier, in my opinion. Of course, feel free to eat some bread with hummus and bell pepper instead if you want that, that’s super yummy too!

Vegetarian breakfast

It’s all about some small, simple switches

The first swap I did when it came to products I have in my home was easy. I stopped having “regular milk”, and swapped it with plant-based milk. So easy. In my opinion, the plant-based options often taste much better as well. Now I have my soy milk with vanilla taste for my smoothies, and oat milk to put in my coffee. And then just regular soy milk if I want something without taste. So easy.

My favorite food is so easy to make vegetarian

I really love Indian food. I knooow, so ironic since my name is India. I bet my parents didn’t think about that when they named me. Well to be honest the story behind my name is so long so I cannot go into it now. But it’s actually related to India the country. Well, Indian food is so easy to make vegetarian or even vegan. They even have a ton of dishes that is vegetarian without tweaking the recipe one bit.

Indian vegetarian food

If you want to read more about eating like a vegetarian, you can do that here. My favorite Indian dish that is also vegetarian is called Mutter Paneer. You should try it next time you go to an Indian restaurant. I promise you won’t be disappointed with the delicious sauce. Dip the naan bread in it, and you will seriously taste heaven.