Munich City

Munich: The things I did on my trip

Last year I spent 4 days in Munich. I had never been there, but I had a blast. I thought I’d share my experiences with you guys. Maybe some of you will go to Munich or Germany in general sometime soon when the pandemic hopefully is over. Absolutely something I recommend! 

I unexpectedly loved it

I did not expect that I was about to love a city in Germany. Visiting Munich was something I was curious about, but at the same time, Germany had always seemed very “grey” and serious to me. Wasn’t really sure if it was a city where I’d have fun. But luckily, Munich proved me wrong. I loved it! I was there with one friend, and we had a really good time. None of us had been to Germany before, so it was very new. None of us knew german either. Haha, we did not know a word! Oh wait, we knew “hallo”. That one was pretty obvious. By the way, I have also written about when I was in Seville, so if that’s something that might interest you, I’ll advise you to read that here.

Precious architecture

Something that we knew before arriving in Munich, was that the architecture was supposed to be precious. And it was! We saw pretty and impressive architecture everywhere. I used my camera a lot. It needed to be documented in my personal photo book. I try not to share too many personal pictures here in the blog. A few is more than enough. If not I would spam you guys, haha. We used a lot of time walking around and just admiring the different buildings. If that is something that interests you, please go there.

Castle in Munich

Eating typical German food in Munich

Naturally, when visiting Munich, we had to eat typical German food. We ate a lot of different sausages, which is something I’ve understood is very typical. In addition to that, we had a lot of beer. Normally I’m more of a wine girl, but when you’re in Germany you have to drink beer. Am I right? We also had something called dumplings. I was expecting the Asian dumpling when I ordered it, but got something completely else. Haha! It is a typical dish in Munich that are kind of bread-dumplings in a round form. Very exciting to try something new.


Activities are pretty cheap on Sundays in Munich

When we went to Munich, we were surprised that the museums were so cheap. There are a lot of museums and galleries in Munich, and we spent a day walking around in the city visiting random museums we came by. We discovered a that on Sundays the stores are closed but the museums are extra cheap. So that’s what we did on the Sunday we were there. It can be smart to read some information about the city you’ll visit. So remember to do that, whether you go to Munich or another city! Check out what will happen on the dates you are going there. Might be something really fun!