Fashion Trends Spring Summer 2021

Fashion trends for spring/summer 2021

For 2021, it seems that we are coming out of hiding and emerging with some bold fashion trends. Hopefully, this spring leading into summer will return our much-awaited freedom. Meaning that we can finally leave our loungewear at home and dress up! Let us get prepared for walking back out into ‘normality’, in style. Here are my top picks straight off the runway.

Take your house slippers to the street

Celebrity icons are already one step ahead of the runway. Wearing your loungewear outside is apparently a thing now. Whereas Kylie & Kim took their PJs look to the streets, the spring/summer runway embraced a more toned-down approach with the house slipper. Whilst both comfortable and à la mode, these shoes can be worn with almost anything. Together with their practicality, they also are available in a variety of endearing designs. Whilst British designer, Molly Goddard collaborated with UGG to create a shaggy Persian coloured number, the Olson sisters fashioned their leather-texture slippers in their “The Row” collection. The perfect pair this spring, as leather is on-trend.

Fashion Trends Spring House Slippers

The leather-look returns this spring

As we leave our everyday clothing firmly in our wardrobe, we are aiming to make a statement this spring/summer season. To vamp up your everyday style, invest in a classic biker jacket to use as a fitting layer to add to any minimal outfit. If that’s the case, choose a jacket with a logo print, or one oversized, to ensure that you are on-trend. As an alternative, opt for a leather pair of short shorts combined with an oversized boyfriend jacket, or a collared top, for a modish look. Though it may still be a little chilly to wear this outfit, we always have the leather fringe clutch bag. A subtle addition to your look that will raise your fashion game.

Fashion Trends Spring Leather

Less is more this summer season

Evidently, we are embracing our feminine bodies this spring/summer season. With special attention to wearing bralettes as tops. As can be seen in Victoria Beckham’s contribution to the SS21 runway, one of the most elegant ways to adopt this style is by teaming your bralette under a dress. With the result that you can see the sexy top details of the bra appearing above the dress. My idea of sexy is that the less you reveal, the more people can wonder. On the contrary, if you are body confident, wear your bra with a pair of maxi trousers, a suit, or an organza blouse.

By the same token, maybe you want to show off a little more skin. If so, instead of an organza blouse, put on a see-through dress. Sheer fabrics made a constant appearance on the runway, with some layered in a beautiful fashion and most in a soft colour palette. Alternatively, a happy medium this spring/summer season may be to brave a statement cut-out number, with an open back. This style can be worn for evening attire during the spring, or beachwear in the summer. WWD provides a great collection of cut out pieces from the spring/summer 2021 runway if you are looking for some inspiration.