Going shopping

Shopping with my friend

I went shopping with my friend the other day, and it was so nice. We spent some quality time and got to do some shopping. We are getting ready for a new season soon, and I love going shopping when the stores fill up with news for a new season. 

Shopping can be your workout

When I go shopping I promise you guys, I get so many steps on my Fitbit. I walk a lot, and I carry a lot. Hehe, I must work it a bit to carry all of my bags with new goodies with me. As you guys know I really love online shopping and I often look around online. The difference is that when I do go shopping in real life it’s more of an experience. I get to spend quality time with my friends, and I get to actually try the pieces on.

Not something I like to do alone

If I cannot go with a friend or two, I’d rather just online shop. But when I have a friend there that can give me feedback on what I try on – that’s gold. I feel like my friends will tell me what they really think! It’s a bit hard sometimes to know how the piece of clothing will look on the body when you see it only on a picture. The worst for me is shoes. I have to try that on before buying it, or know the brand from before. If I know it, I know how the sizes are.

Shopping time

Remember to fuel up when shopping

If you go shopping, it’s important to remember to fill up with something to drink and eat. If I just go a quick round, I’ll just grab a coffee or something cold to drink. If I stay longer or go to a looot of stores, I need lunch in between, or after the shopping round. The lunch is a nice little break when you can catch up with your friend in-between everything. Haha, it’s not everything you want to talk about when trying on a pair of jeans. My friend that I went with the other day is a real foodie. Because of that, she knew a cute cafe, and we went there to eat. It was really good! I always trust my girl when it comes to restaurant recommendations.

Shopping happiness

Always something new

The best thing about shopping, or worst, depending on how you see it… Is that there is always something new. Did you go shopping yesterday, and go again tomorrow? It will be something new in the store. Maybe not everything, but something. I personally love it! I don’t know if my wallet loves it though, haha. I have been looking online at some fall news that I’ll look out for next time I go shopping. When it’s a piece I’m not familiar with, I like to try it on, to see how it fits my body and how it makes me feel. I love when a piece of clothing, no matter which, is really comfortable. That way I can simply just glow and have confidence.