Autumn shopping at Raging Stars

Fall shopping at Raging Stars – I got these goodies

I needed some new pieces of clothing for fall, as well as updating my makeup bag and skincare shelf. After hearing about Raging Stars from a friend, that recommended their great prices, I had to take a look. Ended up purchasing some goodies that will be perfect this fall. I’d love to show you what I got, and hear about your opinions when it comes to my purchases. If you have any advice or recommendations I’m very eager to hear about that. Or maybe you have been shopping at Raging Stars yourself? Tell me.

I needed some warmer clothes for these colder days

Like you all know, it’s often necessary to purchase new clothes when the season changes. At least for me. I have been thinking that it’s more environmentally friendly to purchase from brands that are a bit more expensive but that has a higher quality, instead of having to purchase new ones all the time. It can be smarter in the long run as well. I try to avoid fast fashion, but it can be hard. What I really liked about Raging Stars was that I could find great brands that I already know have good quality pieces. That made me very intrigued. I wanted to check out which products they had to offer, and see if I could find something I could use as the days are getting darker and the weather is getting colder. I found some great pieces, and I will show them to you. 

It's autumn

Adding on layers to my classic outfits

Something that I really love to do when the weather is colder is to use a lot of layers in my outfits. A cardigan or some kind of jacket. Something made of wool. In general, just making my outfits warmer. Layering is also very fashionable so I would say that you can stay on-trend even when staying warm. Raging Stars has a lot of different pieces of clothing, but I am expecting their items to be even more winter-friendly as the autumn buzzes along. If they do, I’ll have to get a couple of new pieces as well. Fashion can be quite inspiring. For now, I got these two wool type sweaters that I have a picture of underneath here. 

My autumn favorites at Raging Stars

A cool new pair of jeans at Raging Stars

When I found this cool pair of jeans, I had to get them. They are in a mom-jeans fit and I really love those kinds of jeans. They are combining denim in the front and corduroy in the back and just looks very cool and trendy. I’ll be wearing them all autumn, and I feel like they are easy to combine with basically anything. Personally, the mom-jeans fit is just great on my body. It’s comfortable, and I feel like they look great on any body shape. I am personally not a big fan of slim-fit jeans… Some models DO look ok, and others really make me feel uncomfortable wearing them. But not with jeans in a mom-jeans fit. What’s your opinion? I’d love to hear it. 

Really cool pair of jeans

Clothing for many occasions

I don’t know about you guys, but at least in my life, there’s always a lot of activities and happenings when autumn and winter come. Halloween party, Christmas parties, dinners, meet-ups. Just in general more time for stuff like that. I feel like everyone is so busy during the summer, and finally, have time to meet up again in the autumn. And I love it. That goes for me as well, in the summer I lack structure from time to time… And yeah, It’s actually great to be back to an everyday routine. Having clothes that fit every occasion is essential, and I have both purchased a nice dress, a couple of sweatshirts, and a cool pair of jeans. In addition, I got a warm autumn coat, which I love. 

Shoes, shoes, shoes…

Who doesn’t love shoes? I know I do. And the autumn is a perfect moment to upgrade the shoe wardrobe. And thanks to Raging Stars I now have a lot of cool shoes that I look forward to wearing. I always want different shoes that I can wear on different occasions. Some very casual ones and others for nicer occasions. I really like to have comfortable sneakers on an everyday basis, but I love the opportunity to change it up when I want to look a bit nicer or if I have plans. I really like all of them so far, but I have only worn them a couple of times. But with good brands comes great quality. At least with shoes, I really notice the difference, and because of that, I was happy when I saw all the different brands at Raging Stars

The shoes I found at Raging Stars

A donation program that members can benefit from

Raging Stars has its own donations program which members in their club can benefit from. I had to take a closer look at this, so I went into Raging Stars’ “how it works”-page, to read everything about it. What you do is that you, as a member of the club, purchase any fashion item that you want. Use and enjoy the product as much as you want, but it needs to be at least 6 months. If you want, you can donate this fashion item after a minimum of 6 months, to the charity organization of your choice. After that, you send the receipt to Raging Stars, and they’ll give you a gift card containing the same value as the item you just donated. Great, am I right? It sounds like a really good idea if you ask me. 

Enjoying the autumn to the max

Now that it’s autumn I really want to enjoy cuddling up on my sofa with a cup of hot chocolate and a movie. It must have been easter, last time I did that… I know I have done it after, but it feels like a very long time ago. I really love to drink hot chocolate when it’s cold outside. It feels like something that I can’t do in the summer, haha. I really don’t know why, but I always drink it when it’s cold. And now, it’s safe to say that the hot chocolate season has started. I want to invite some friends over to a movie night where we can make hot chocolate and some other goodies to snack on… Maybe watch a Christmas movie when we get a bit closer to that time of the year… It’s just so cozy. I am a true Christmas-lover, that’s for sure, haha. 

Autumn vibes

Taking care of my skin in the autumn as well

I am probably not the only one that experiences that my skin gets dryer as soon as it gets colder. Because of that I always make sure to get a moisturizer that gives me extra hydration as soon as September arrives. I got a facial cream that I can use during the day that will provide me with extra moisture, as well as a moisturizing mask that I’ll use whenever I feel the need for it. My friend gave me the advice to use it instead of my night cream from time to time. I absolutely will do that, on those extra dry days. What was extra great was that the prices of the products. They are much cheaper at Raging Stars than they are in other shops. That’s always a big plus. 

Makeup looks that are perfect for winter

The keyword for my makeup when it comes to winter is red lips. Red lips go well with everything and are something I really like wearing. It’s so simple and yet gives such an impact, and truly makes any outfit pop. Smokey eyes are also always a winner, and that’s what I really love to do if I’m going to a Christmas party for example. When it comes to red lips I always have different types that I can switch between. Matte lips thanks to a liquid lipstick? Oh yes. A velvety look, all thanks to a really creamy lipstick? Yes, please. Glossy with a hint of red? I’m not gonna say no to that. Red lips are always a winner, no matter if I want glossy or matte lips. Luckily Raging Stars have a lot of different lip products so I could choose my favorites. 

Autumn fashion

Ready for autumn thanks to Raging Stars

To summarize, I can absolutely recommend that you check out Raging Stars and all of the goodies they have. The prices are great, so hopefully, you can find something you like, as I did. I am very happy with the easy process of shopping at Raging Stars webshop and receiving everything at my doorstep. So easy and very quick. I am officially ready for colder days. I am going to cuddle up on my sofa now and enjoy this night. Hope all of you will have some wonderful days and enjoy this time to the max. I will try my best to do the same.