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Michael Ginnerskov Jensen is making my shopping easier

As you all know by now, I really love shopping. Fashion, beauty, lifestyle? Bring it on. I honestly love to acquire the best products, but it’s not always easy. When I noticed Michael Ginnerskov Jensen, and the way he is changing the online shopping world, I was intrigued.

The best products, just a click away

Shopping in a physical store is ok, but online shopping is soooo much easier. You all know how I love to browse around the internet looking for my next purchase. Something that has been bothering me a bit though, is that I have to go to different online stores, to find the different things I want. There have been countless times when I’ve been thinking that I wish I had it all in one place. So much easier, am I right?!

Michael Ginnerskov Jensen is making shopping easier

Michael Ginnerskov Jensen has an online store that is something else

When I first noticed the online store of Michael Ginnerskov Jensen, I was actually very surprised. An online store that had everything I want in one place? That’s a first. I was very happy to see that he had all the different categories that I like to shop in, in his online store. There are makeup products and skincare products. There are famous brands, and the latest fashion for both men and women. 

Something for everyone

Nothing is worse than having to purchase just one piece of clothing at one store, and of course, having to pay for delivery. That was the story of my life earlier, as I would have my favorite hair products in one place, and my favorite clothing brands in other places. The way Michael Ginnerskov Jensen has made it possible for me to avoid paying the delivery fee to several different stores is making me sooo happy. I don’t know about you, but the delivery fee is the worst to pay for me. But of course, I am willing to pay delivery fees when I know I get products of great quality. In addition to that, I can actually get both my favorite pair of Levi’s pants, and my favorite perfume, in the same delivery. Amazing!

online shopping

The new way to shop

As I have previously mentioned several times here on the blog, online shopping is what I prefer. It’s just so much easier getting a clear overview of the products I am going to shop. At the same time I know I’m getting them delivered directly to my home. It’s also great knowing that as long as I can trust the online store, I can trust that the quality of the products is good as well. I feel like Michael Ginnerskov Jensen and his experience in e-commerce, is making me safe to know that the products are the real deal.

A concept that is only a plus for the consumer

The concept of Michael Ginnerskov Jensen is an online store that also has a membership section. The great thing about the membership section is that you get exclusive access to products of amazing quality. They also have a super low price compared to what you’d get in a regular store. This concept is working out great since Michael Ginnerskov Jensen is skipping the step of you having to go to the retailer, who also will take their part of the share. This is what makes it so much easier, and not to mention cheaper, for us as consumers. I am sold. I think this new concept will be the new way of shopping.