My makeup tools

Makeup makes me happy

I am a makeup addict. I really love that you can do whatever you want with makeup! It’s fun to play around with, and it can really affect your mood. You can also express the way you feel with makeup, and express to others how you are. I love it! 

My everyday makeup routine

When I put on makeup for every day, I’m pretty basic, to be honest. Or at least that’s my opinion. I usually do a cat eye and keep my skin pretty natural. I love to use a bb cream and then put some bronzing powder where it looks natural. My daily routine is all about being fast, but at the same time looking good. The great thing is that when I use a bb cream it melts into my skin very naturally. I love the result that gives.

Glamming it up when going out

As I mentioned earlier I love to be able to put some more effort into my makeup. If I know I’m going out, I’ll always make sure to have a lot of time so that I can play around. It’s fun to try something new when I go out! And if I look completely crazy or if it’s a little much I can either just remove it and start over again, or just think about that it’ll be dark when I’m out. Haha! Darkness, the solution to everything. My go-to look if I want to feel great when going out is definitely red lips. I keep my cat eye look on the eyes but add some false lashes, and some eyeshadow or other product on the eyelids.

Red lips makeup look

Certain go-to products that I never let go

I like to keep my brows pretty natural, as lucky for me I actually have some eyebrows. That was not a blessing when it was trendy having the brows as a thin line, but now I’m happy. Haha! When it comes to my brows, I just use a clear brow gel. I feel like that’s what’s perfect for the red lips look. There are a lot of makeup trends out there, but the best thing is just to do what you like and feel comfortable with. I personally find it just fun to play around. I love to check out makeup looks on social media and try to recreate them. The result can be variable. In the end, I always know that I can go back to my classic red lipstick and cat eye look if all else fails.

Favorite lipstick

The lipstick that says YES

My favorite lipstick of all time is the classic red YSL lipstick. The color is gorgeous, and I really love the texture of the product. It glides on and gives moisture. It’s the ultimate makeup product. It’s great for me that sometimes can get very dry lips. With this lipstick, I never get the dry look. The lips are kept moisturized during the day and just feels very comfortable. If you’re looking for the perfect red lipstick, and haven’t found it yet… I definitely recommend you trying this one. I always go back to it for a reason.