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Honest Kiss – Shopping in an easy, fun, and smart way!

Let’s be frank! It’s no secret that I loooove shopping! There is nothing better than finding a new store, new awesome offers, and clothes that you crave. And for me, the best thing is when you know you get value for your bucks! The absolute worst is when you buy a nice pair of jeans, then you see the exact same jeans 30% cheaper in another store. Not fair! I want to know that what I’m buying has the best prices on the market. That’s why I absolutely just love this new online shop I found called Honest Kiss. So many offers and they have all my favorite beauty products. So yeah, I’m a happy girl right now! I was careful to do my research before purchasing anything, and the prices made the store unbeatable. Just wanted to share with you guys what I bought from Honest Kiss

Honest Kiss has all my favorite beauty products and the best prices ever! 

So many of the products from Honest Kiss have extremely reduced prices, the best offers are reserved for members of the Honest Kiss Club. I don’t want to get second best, so of course, I had to try out the club – if not just to inform you guys if it’s worth it or not. (That’s what you would call an excuse for shopping!) Being a member of the club costs 49 $ per month, but you get your money back in the form of a gift card. That means you get to shop for the money you spent on the membership, so its really no loss at all! This also, as I mentioned before, gives me access to all the exclusive products with reduced prices. The first thing that drew me in, was actually when I saw my favorite foundation for almost half the price of what I usually pay. 

Foundation from my new fav shop
I just love this foundation so much!

Something I have to add is that the layout of the online store looks so fresh! I know, I know, that shouldn’t matter that much, but it does. So many online stores that I’ve been to are disorganized, messy, and just so hard and difficult to sort through. Honest Kiss is very organized, making it easy to search for whatever you wish to find. And it looks really pretty, so that makes me wanna shop more! Since I’ve become a member, I’m kind of invested now I guess. So I’ll make the most of it, of course, I could just cancel the subscription anytime I want. But why not try it out first and see if it’s worth sticking around.

Honest Kiss Beauty Products

All the best products with the cheapest prices I have ever seen! 

So much to scroll through, good thing I was sitting on my couch in my slacks drinking a cup of tea. I had plenty of time! Gucci, Dior, L’occitane, Clarins, Clinique I could mention them all, I looked through everything! The best makeup and fashion brands in the world, for so much cheaper prices than other online stores have. Why haven’t I shopped here before? 

I ended up buying a lot of products that I already knew and love. Needed to fill up my makeup table again. Of course, I also had to buy some new products so I could test them out! 

Products I brought from Honest Kiss that I know and love. 

The good thing about buying products online that you already know is that you won’t end up with a bad surprise. Like that one time where I bought a BB Cream, or what I thought was a BB Cream (long story). It turned out to be a face cream, with bronzer. Ended up using it a lot, so no harm done really, but just me completely reading the product wrong. These are products that I need in my life anyway, so if I didn’t buy them from Honest Kiss, I would have gone to the mall and spent twice as much. Just look at the price difference on my favorite foundation in the picture above. These are products that I absolutely swear by! My best friends when it comes to makeup. 

Clarins Be Long Mascara

Seriously, if you haven’t tried this mascara before, I urge you to try it as soon as possible! It works like magic! I started using it, and after some weeks my friends and colleagues were asking me if I’d gotten eyelash extensions. I’ve used it ever since. The brush is awesome as well, making it easy to catch all of the eyelashes. I will use this mascara when creating my favorite makeup look, the cat eye! 

Lancôme L’Absolu Rouge Drama Matte Lipstick

Such a classic lipstick! The pigments create great color. My favorite is Magique Matte, I use this one daily. Personally, I just feel like the color goes great with my skin, and just looks good on me. I love that it is so matte, but at the same time, it doesn’t feel dry. I’ve never gotten uncomfortable or dry, chapped lips from this lipstick, that’s why its a winner in my eyes. I and this Lancôme lipstick will be best friends forever. 

Makeup from Honest Kiss

Bourjois Box Round Blush from Honest Kiss

The price alone on this makes it worth it, and with the discount, I felt like I almost got this blush for free. Sounds strange, but this blush even smells good, yes you read that correctly. I love how light the texture feels, and how it just blends perfectly on my face. It stays on my face throughout the entire day and never smudges off. 

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Mimosa Women’s Perfume

My all-time favorite perfume, especially for the spring and summer. So floral and fresh! I also love the original perfume from Elisabeth Arden, Green Tea. But I still prefer this version. The bottle looks beautiful as well, so it’s a nice item to have on your makeup table or in the bathroom. Maybe it’s due to the citrus, but I almost feel like I wake up a little bit more in the morning after using this perfume. It just has this fresh vibe.

swans are pretty

Trying out new products from Honest Kiss!

Its always fun to try something new, especially when its makeup! Found some good offers I just wasn’t able to resist! And you know how it goes when you see a good deal? By my own self-made logic, you are saving money! So it would be a bad idea not to take advantage of reduced prices like that. This thought process might have something to do with the fact that I’ve got new clothes and makeup, but eat noodles way too often! 

Honest Kiss products

Sensai Eyebrow Pencil from Honest Kiss

Haven’t tried this before, and I took a gamble. I’ve been searching for a good product for my eyebrows. Now, I’m happy I gambled on it. It really is so good and works exactly like it should. I feel so many times with my old eyebrow pen, I would get color on the side of the eyebrow hairs that would smudge if I was sweating. And I do not want that at all! I want my eyebrows to be on constant fleek and not look at if they are running down my face. This eyebrow pencil from Sensai stays put and makes my eyebrows look flawless! 

Clarins Lip Balm

I wasn’t looking for a new lip balm, but the design of this one really stood out to me, tempting me a little too much. Well, it was worth buying. Feels so good on my lips and lasts for a long time.  Smells (and tastes) so awesome as well. I love the color Juicy Mandarin, such a nice color for the summer I think. I want to try and match this with a coral eyeshadow I have. Summer vibes for days! 

L’occitane Verveine Sorbet Hydrating Cream from Honest Kiss

I was so lucky with the products I ordered, especially the ones I haven’t tried before. I ended up liking them all, and that’s not normal for me. There is always that one mistake I did while ordering, like a lipstick color that doesn’t suit me at all or a mascara that was blue instead of black. So awesome knowing all the products were a success and that I didn’t waste money again. I bought this from Honest Kiss because it said on the site that it was especially good for the summer. And I totally can see why! The scent is so fresh, with lemon and mint! My skin felt so soft just after applying it once, I think this might be my new favorite body lotion! 

I’m so happy with all the new products I got. And I know for sure I will continue shopping on Honest Kiss for a long time! I mean, why would I pay more when I could pay less? At least that makes sense to me! Wonder what I will buy with my gift card next month! I think I might need another lipstick…