My Honest Kiss Gift Box Review

I have been a member of the Honest Kiss Club for some months now, and I remembered that I never made a review of my Honest Kiss Gift Box. Something I thought could be fun both to make and for you to hopefully get something good out of, was a review of the Honest Kiss Gift Box that I received as a welcome gift. I have as I said been a member for a while now, so I have used and tested all of the products extensively. 

A fun shopping experience

Some of you might have read my previous post about when I was shopping at Honest Kiss when I first became a member. If you have not seen my post, you can read it here. That time I was using my Honest Kiss Gift Card and clicked home a lot of goodies. Could be a fun read if you want some tips on great products. At least that is something I enjoy reading myself. If you are curious about my review on my Honest Kiss Gift Box, keep on reading. 

My Honest Kiss Gift Box Review

Choosing my Honest Kiss Gift Box

When you become a member, you get a free Honest Kiss Gift Box of your choice as a welcome gift. As I mentioned in the previous post I wrote, I first got interested in Honest Kiss in general because they had my favorite foundation at half the price of what I usually pay, but the Honest Kiss Gift Box was of course not something I complained about. Very fun to be able to get a Gift Box like that just by becoming a member. 

How to pick the Honest Kiss Gift Box that is right for YOU

As a little tip for you guys, Honest Kiss has a lot of Gift Boxes… Even though you might sign up through the welcome offer of one specific box, it does not mean that you cannot choose a different one when you are placing your order. I got informed by customer service that I had to activate my Gift Card code in order to place my order for the Honest Kiss Gift Box, and that was a quick and easy process. I did that and the following day I took a look at the Honest Kiss Gift Boxes. They had a big selection of Gift Boxes. I ended up choosing the Maybelline Gift Box which was the one I was drawn to in the first place. 

Picking my five favorite products

When I was picking out my five favorite products, I had the mindset that I wanted things for different uses. I absolutely love glowy skin, but I also wanted something for my eyes. One of my all-time favorite mascaras was one of the choices I could make. That one made the cut without a doubt. It was so fun to kind of “build” my own Honest Kiss Gift Box. That the choice was all mine. In addition to the mascara, I chose an amazing eyeshadow palette and three products that give my skin glow glow glow. I love them all! I will go deeper into reviewing them now so that you can figure out if the products are something you could like as well. 

Lash Sensational Mascara

The mascara that gives me doll eyes

First of all, as I mentioned earlier, I had the opportunity to get my favorite mascara in my Honest Kiss Gift Box. It was a no brainer. It’s my favorite and the mascara I choose every day of the week. It had to go in my Gift Box. I love that the brush is so easy to apply the mascara with, as well as that it gives an amazing volume with just a couple of strokes. Another important thing is that at least for me this mascara does not smudge. Such a big plus! 

The blushed nudes eyeshadow palette – my new favorite for eyes

The big plus with the eyeshadow palette that I got in my Honest Kiss Gift Box is that the colors are so versatile. There are 12 different colors in beautiful nude tones. Something that I really enjoy is that there are both light and dark colors that can be combined perfectly, both for a daytime look as well as a party look. I have been playing around with it a lot, and get a lot of inspiration from different Instagram tutorials and YouTube tutorials. I can’t say that I have the same talent but I notice development each time I try something new. 

My Maybelline Blushed Nudes Palette that I received in the Honest Kiss Gift Box

A foundation that my semi-dry skin can love

It’s always a struggle to find a foundation that does not feel dry on my skin. Especially when it’s colder outside. The Maybelline Dream Liquid Satin Foundation has a hydrating serum with hyaluronic acid included. This makes it very moisturizing the whole day. I always do my skincare routine before putting on makeup, and I assume that also helps my skin a lot… But it’s always a plus when my foundation is not drying. Another thing is that I am a big fan of a dewy look, and that’s impossible to get when you use a matte foundation. That’s why I really enjoy this one. And the good thing was that the color actually was perfect for me too. Yaaay! The coverage is easy to build up and still feels light on my skin. I love it. I always use a damp Beauty Blender when I apply my foundation, for the best result. 

The perfect glow combination

I learned a new trick when it comes to using highlighters. That’s the reason why I chose the two last products. The trick is to use a liquid highlighter at first, blending it really well with the foundation. After you have put on all the liquid products as well as bronzer, blush, and powder, you use a powdered highlighter on top of where you put the liquid highlighter to make sure that you get the ultimate glow. It will enhance your glow and take it to the next level. After I discovered this (thanks to a YouTube tutorial) I have been getting so many compliments each time I actually go out and make an effort with my makeup. I just really love how easy it is, especially with the products I chose for my Honest Kiss Gift Box

The liquid and powdered highlighter combo

I got the Master Strobing Liquid, and the Master Holographic. I couldn’t be happier with the two of them together. The Strobing Liquid is really easy to blend, and the result is surprisingly natural as it melts into the skin. When it comes to the Master Holographic it has pearl pigments and it is super easy to apply. All in all a great combination if you’re interested in a makeup look that gives you GLOW. At least try my new highlighter trick. I promise you won’t be disappointed! 

Maybelline Powdered Highlighter

Using the products during a period of time

Before making my Honest Kiss Gift Box review I wanted to make sure that I had tested the products properly. I don’t wish to advise you on stuff that I have no idea about. That’s not me. I have been using the products all autumn, for many occasions. And even though this year has not been the year to be out and party I still have put on my makeup most days. I wanted to feel pretty. I guess I’m not the only one trying to do little things to cope with this crazy situation the whole world is in… Putting on some makeup and feeling somewhat put together (even in my sweats) helps me a lot. And of course, I’m always ready for a selfie when I have my perfect makeup on. Not to mention that accentuating my eyes when having to wear a mask is much easier with the mascara and eyeshadow palette that I got in my Honest Kiss Gift Box

My final thoughts in my Honest Kiss Gift Box review

Something I really loved about my Honest Kiss Gift Box was that I could choose the products myself. They had a big selection to chose from and it was not the easiest job. But, I definitely made the right choice, as I am very happy with the ones I have. During the process, I communicated with customer service by email, and they were very helpful and quick. I hate to wait, so when I could receive a reply the same day as I contacted them I’m not complaining. Receiving the Honest Kiss Gift Box was not the quickest, but it just took a couple of weeks so that’s all right. I’d definitely advise you all to give the club a shot. What I find so easy is that you can leave their club at any time, so if anything at least order the Free Honest Kiss Gift Box and get some great products in the mail.