Female Fashion Icons 20th Century

Celebrity female fashion icons of the 20th century

Fashion is the new form of art and female figures are leading the way. From risque numbers on the runway to cool street style, it’s not only designers who are influencing the world of fashion but celebrities too. Here, I recognise 3 of the most influential & recognised female fashion icons of the 20th century. We are not talking about Stevie Nicks’ flares and suede boots. The world of fashion has changed. In 2020, us females embrace our bodies, curves, and are certainly more bold & adventurous than ever before. Partly thanks to these ladies.

The Kardashian Dynasty

Unsurprisingly, the Kardashians have made the list. Surrounded by paparazzi 24/7, the Kardashians are constantly in the spotlight. With this comes added pressure to wear the latest trends. Whilst some of the Kardashian sisters have focused their attention on makeup lines, like Kylie, others like Kim became a fashion icon. We all know this feeling when you order something online and it looks amazing on the model. Fast forward to it arriving at your home, you try it on, and unsurprisingly, it doesn’t quite look the same on you. Now imagine having a body like Kim Kardashian, where absolutely everything seems to look good on you. Despite this, even Kim has had some outfit mishaps.

What I admire about Kim Kardashian is that she is brave when it comes to fashion. She is not afraid to take risks when it comes to daring styles. For example, let’s take the time that she walked the streets of New York wearing what looked to be PJs. Or when she wore a leather jacket embellished with her own face. On the contrary, this fashion icon has shown us how to rock the body-con pieces like see-through dresses, in a way that no other icon has ever done before. Her influence is so powerful that despite any criticism, almost anything she wears soon becomes a trend.

Celebrity Female Fashion Icons Rihanna

Was Rihanna’s true calling fashion?

Speaking of wearing PJs out & about, imagine wearing them to a club. Style queen Rihanna did that. Like Kim, Rihanna is not afraid to take risks with her look, and we applaud her for it. Besides being one of the best-selling music artists of all time, Rihanna also has her own fashion line. And not just one either. Oh no, Rihanna has her own clothing line, lingerie collection, whilst also collaborating with Armani, Puma, Dior, & Manolo Blahnik. Not everyone will be able to pull off the revealing tuxedo number that she wore for the British Fashion Awards. Although this may be true, the star has brought her fearless style to the public thanks to her own labels. If you want to adopt her daring trends and look amazing, take a look at Fenty by Rihanna.

Celebrity Female Fashion Icons Michelle Obama

First lady & fashion icon, Michelle Obama

Besides being married to the President of the US, which is quite the job! Michelle Obama has also graced us with an elegant approach to fashion. Coupled with her huge responsibility, she is constantly watched by the press and on social media. However, she has done an incredible job. Together with floral printed gowns, she is infamous for accommodating the wrap dress. A graceful yet prized symbol, this dress can be worn to any occasion, including the White House, apparently! What I personally love most about her style is how she shows that less is sometimes more. Certainly, some of her items will have cost thousands of dollars, but her style isn’t brandished or vaunt. Instead, it is one of a mum, author, and wife. At 55 years old, she demonstrates how to wear the latest designs regardless of age. It’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it.