street fashion

Fashion that inspires me a lot

I know I’m no fashionista, but fashion is something I really love. I get inspired from different angles every day. Social media, magazines, real life. You name it! I will share with you some of my best sources of inspiration when it comes to fashion

Picking up fashion inspiration in unexpected places

Honestly, I actually get very easily inspired when it comes to fashion. I can see a cool woman on the street that has combined her outfit in a cool way, and feel instantly inspired! Another thing is if I just see someone with a really nice pair of shoes. I’m immediately daydreaming on how I would combine them with stuff from my own wardrobe. I wish that I had the courage to go up to those people and say something. “Hey, your outfit looks so good”, or “Where did you buy those shoes?”. Unfortunately, I’m too shy for that, haha. So for now it’s admiring from a distance. In a non-creepy way! Woah, that sounded so bad. Hey, it’s just that I feel inspired by their outfits and fashion sense!

Fashion runway

The way I express my inspiration on a daily basis

It might not be very visible that I take in so much fashion inspiration every day. But I do actually do some things, that the “outside world” might not notice. I love using different accessories and try to change that up a lot. I often develop what I see on social media or in the streets to something that fits me personally. Since I don’t copy, people might not understand that this was not my idea. I got the idea from a random woman on the street. Haha!

Posting outfits on social media

If there is one thing I really love, it’s following fashion influencers on social media. I get sooo much inspiration. You might wonder why I don’t post my fashion images myself… Well! I might love fashion but I’m not a fashionista. I will keep on being a spectator on social media, just liking what others post and implementing it in my own life. One thing that I find very positive is that through social media you can find “normal people” that are not famous influencers as well, that has a great sense of style. Also, that might be a more affordable fashion since they don’t get sponsored. Anyways, it really is fun to follow a mix of people, and I always look for different new or old influencers that I can follow and get inspired by.

Fashion store

Walking through a store and get fashion inspo

One of the best ways to get filled up with the new trends, and what will be the next thing in fashion, is going to stores. I love to go around and both window-shop and also do some regular shopping if I find something that I just can’t let go. My favorite time of the year is when the stores start to prep for autumn fashion after a long summer! Also, I absolutely love it when they start to put the spring/summer collections in the stores. Best time!

It’s safe to say that I really love fashion and I do get inspired by a lot of different sources. But that’s what’s so great about living in the 21st century, everything is very available!