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Cat Eye Makeup Look – My Favorite

I really love the classic makeup look, the cat eye. It goes well with every outfit and for every occasion, and with a little training, anyone can do it. 

The look that fits anyone

The cat eye is a look that can fit basically anyone. I love it. It’s even something you can see in old movies and on people for many years. One of my favorite things with this makeup look is that it’s a classic. It took a bit of training, but now I have no problem painting on my cat eye look in not too long. I must admit I’ve failed plenty of times, but I feel like I’ve cracked the code that works for me. It’s not super easy to learn by reading a blog post, but I thought I’d share my personal tips so that it might get easier for you. If this is a look you want to learn or are in the works of learning, I just want to say that practice makes perfect. Are you one of the lucky ones that already have mastered the arts of the cat eye? In that case, I just want to say that I really admire you. I’m still not an expert at all, but I think it gets easier and easier every time.

cat eye collage

After some training, it’s quite easy

Anything is easier with some training. I always start my cat eye makeup off with a nude eyeshadow that I cover the whole eyelid with. Another important step, before what I just said… Is primer! It makes the products sit a lot better. I really like the one from Urban Decay. When you apply the liquid liner, it’s important to have your eyes open at first. Look straight forward, and that will make it easier to see where you should place the liner. Remember to be very light on the hand, it’s not necessary with a lot of pressure. Another tip is to not make it too thick on the inner half of your eye. That’s where it’s supposed to be pretty thin. If you feel like it’s better to learn cat eye makeup by watching a video, you can watch a really good tutorial here.

Cat eye look

My favorite product to make a cat eye look

I really love to use a liquid liner to do the cat eye, but sometimes if I want to mix it up, I use a gel liner. I like to have the gel liner in dark brown, just to switch it up a bit. That can also sometimes tone down the look. Of course, another thing that can make the look stand out more, or tone it down, is how thick you draw the liner. The way I do it depends a lot on the occasion. If I go out I normally draw it quite thick actually… Not too much though. Just play with the makeup and see what you prefer. The cat eye will be perfect with some practice. Also, it looks good on anyone, so it’s honestly a go-to, at least for me!