Blazer style

Office style: The blazer

Getting dressed to go to work at the office can sometimes be a struggle. I have days where I have no idea what to wear. Other times, it’s simply easy. My key to looking professional no matter what, is to wear a blazer. The blazer makes almost every outfit look professional. 

The one piece of clothing that makes you look professional

Who would’ve thought that wearing just a simple blazer can make you look so professional? Well, I for one did not think that. That was before I started wearing one myself. It started with me seeing an influencer with an oversized blazer on Instagram. I thought to myself that I wanted to recreate the look, and purchased a blazer. Safe to say, I got hooked on the blazer pretty fast. Now I have 8 different ones, haha. And more it will become… Haha!

Beige blazer

Different colors create a different expression

The great thing with such a simple piece as the blazer is that it’s very easy to mix it up with patterns, colors, fit. You name it! I have several oversized ones, that I absolutely love. On the other hand, I have a basic black one and a beige one that has a fitted look. That kind of look makes me look professional no matter what. When I have an important meeting or an interview, I always make sure to wear a fitted and nice blazer. I might not go for an oversized one, but that depends on the setting. If it’s a meeting with someone I know is familiar with fashion and trends, I’ll just wear whatever I feel like that day. Oversized or not, I know that a fashionista will appreciate the blazer, for sure.

The trends will always change, but the blazer will always be trendy

Right now it’s very popular wearing an oversized blazer. In my opinion, I love it. It goes great with every body type, and at least for me, it gives a slimming look. I love to pair it with a tight top underneath so that it’s not baggy on baggy. I’m sure that in a couple of months we will see a different trend rising. The only thing that I’m sure of is that we will see the blazer in one shape or form, no matter which trend that’s most popular at the moment.

Black blazer

Play around with fashion and the blazer

The best thing about fashion is that there are no rules. You can play around with it as much as you like. Create your own expressions! What do you want to transmit to the world? Oh, that thing? Well, transmit that one thing you just thought of. How can you do that? Let your fantasy and inspiration flow. And if you want even more inspiration than what you hopefully got from me in this post you can look online for other tips as well. One thing is for sure. With a blazer, you can never go wrong in an office setting. Trust me!