My fav shoes

My favorite accessories

I love using accessories and think that it can really complete a look. Using a lot of different accessories is fun, and it does not have to be very complicated. I will share some of my favorites with you guys, and hopefully, you can find something that you like as well. 

A world of wonder, accessories for everyone

What I absolutely love with accessories is that there is something out there for everyone. Some like to use a lot of colors, others less. Some want to have a little bit of everything, and some want to have that one favorite accessory that they always carry around. It can be something personal, or it can be something to just switch out depending on the outfit. There is an accessory for every occasion, if you have a busy day ahead or if you just want to chill at home.

The simplest of all accessories is a pair of sunglasses

Often the simplest thing is the best thing. When it comes to accessories, that might be true. In my opinion, sunglasses are the perfect accessory for summer. You need it because of the sun, and protecting your eyes, and you find them in many shapes and forms. I have a lot of pairs myself as I love to switch it up depending on the colors of my outfit. It’s also a mood thing for me, and by that I mean that which sunglasses I wear depend a lot on my mood. If I’m not in the best mood, I’ll grab my biiig dark sunglasses. On the other hand, if I’m happy, I love to use my colorful sunglasses. It’s fun to play around with.

Sunglasses are great accessories

A new purse in my closet

I love to purchase accessories since I know I’ll be able to use them a lot. It’s interesting to read in fashion magazines about the upcoming trends when it comes to accessories. There is always something new, and it can be really fun to explore. I purchased a new purse a couple of weeks ago, and I really love it. My favorite type, when it comes to purses, are the smaller ones. They have room for the most necessary things, without you feeling like you’re carrying a suitcase around.

The must-haves in my purse

Something I always carry around in my purse is my phone (well, duh), a lip balm, my keys, a little pocket mirror, and my wallet. I could probably bring a lot more, but I try to not bring too much. Haha, often that can be easier said than done, but that’s one of my reasons for preferring a smaller purse as one of my accessories. When I purchased this new purse, I wanted something different. The pattern really made me want it. In addition, the white color is something that goes with everything, and something I don’t have a lot of. I will say it was a really good purchase. I have already used it several times. If you have any recommendations on similar purses, please don’t hesitate to comment. I would love to hear about it!

Purse accessories