2021 makeup trends

2021 makeup: The biggest trends of the year!

New year, new season – and most importantly, new 2021 makeup trends! After scrolling through all the new and delicious looks I’ve been seeing all over, I’ve made a list of the trends I’m most excited about. I have always loved to experience with makeup, and this season’s new trends are a treat for the eye and have me twitching my makeup brushes in excitement. What 2021 makeup trends are you most excited to try out? Do you agree with me? 

Red/Orange lips are trending, and I am here for it!

I love to wear lipstick, there is just something so feminine and classy about applying a coat on your lips. Except for in the early 2000s when I was addicted to bright and shiny lipgloss, those days are luckily over and new 2021 makeup trends are ahead. I usually go for a more nude/pink tone, but seeing all these amazing styles topped off with red lips are a great inspiration.  Red lips would go so well with the new fashion trends for the spring and summer! Not only are red lips back in full, but the more red/orange tones are making a comeback as well. Always remember to never overdo your eye makeup when sporting red lips. At least that is one of my favorite pieces of advice. Less is sometimes actually more. 

red lips 2021 makup

Eyeliner to the extremes!

If you are tired of hiding your new lipstick with a mask, you’ll probably prefer this 2021 makeup trend! Are you not the best at applying those thin lines with your eyeliner? Fear not! Thick eyeliner lines are here to stay. This makes me want to try out a new look, where the eyeliner takes center stage and a brighter eye shadow lightly covers the eyelid. A new trend this year is to change up the color game. Why not try a blue eyeliner or mascara for an eye-catching effect. I’ve also seen a lot of upcoming looks with stunning tones of purple. I think maybe this is going to be my favorite new look this season. I don’t even own purple eyeshadow, so I’m thinking of getting a new eyeshadow palette soon. 

Big lashes 2021 makeup

2021 makeup will give you lashes for days!

Personally, I’ve always settled for my own eyelashes and not felt the need to add more than a coat of mascara. But maybe this will be the year where I dip my toes in the pool of lashes that are out there. Apparently, this trend is here to stay, and I might as well jump on it. Regardless if you go get yours professionally done or you’re a beauty queen fully able to add lashes yourself. Make them long! I think I will need to have a girl’s night with my friends so we can try out new looks, even if it has to be over Zoom. I’m lucky to have friends who have been doing their lashes for years, so hopefully, I’ll pick up some tips. Big lashes really do make such a statement, and if you get them done right they can still look natural.