I love Seville

Seville, a magical city in the summertime.

I have a feeling it’s going to be a long time till ill be able to travel and explore the world again. It hasnt exactly been the most eventful summer. Which is probably why I keep thinking about one of my favorite summer vacations, in Seville. I just had the best time and I so badly wanna go back here! Went there 4 years ago, together with my family. It feels like forever ago, but I remember it like it was today. Seville is the capital city of Andalucia, Spain. Its the fourth biggest city, and is propped full of culture and the most beautiful and spectacular architecture I’ve ever seen. 

Plaza de Espana, an amazing experience in Seville. 

It had actually been a dream of mine to visit Seville ever since I heard about Plaza de Espana. Probably the most beautiful square in the world in my eyes. Covered in art and stunning architecture, with a river running through it. It’s such a perfect spot to just sit down, enjoy life, and relax. Ah! I want to go back right now! Even though I’ve tried to be creative and make the best of the situation this summer, I cant wait until I’m free to travel again. 

Seville in summertime

The cathedral of Seville

The massive cathedral is placed right in the center of the city, a grand and gigantic church. They say it was made to show its greatness, and it truly does. Its actually the third biggest church in the world, and the biggest gothic cathedral. The clocktower, Giralda, is 105-meter hight and you can walk up all the stairs to see the view. Take precautions when there though, especially if it is during the summertime. It gets extremely hot, and the stairwell is not exactly wide. Its a  steep, tight area with temperatures rising. Bring water and walk at your own pace. 

Real Alcazar

Sevilla and Real Alcazar

On my checklist over places to see in Seville, this was on the top. Not too far away from the cathedral, is Real Alcazar. Entering this place is like walking into a dream, it just does not seem real. That’s how amazing this place is. If you haven’t been there yourself, you might have heard about it as a filming location for Game of Thrones. As a self-proclaimed TV-geek, I pictured my self walking the lands of Dorne. I snapped pictures of the stunning gardens, all the gold, and fountains. Just mesmerizing. 

When its safe to travel again, I’m going back as soon as I can! 

Even though I got a good two weeks in Seville, it didn’t seem like enough. I bet there is so much more to explore that I just haven’t seen yet. That’s for next time! I really miss the food, all the amazing tapas. Seville is the birthplace of tapas. So when visiting the city, its an absolute must to drink wine and eat as many tapas as you can! Now that I think about it, I should invite my friends over for a wine, cheese, and tapas night!