Pizza night tonight

Pizza night with the girls! Bring on the cheese!

I had the best evening last night! Invited my best friends over, and we ordered a bunch of pizza. Seriously, I ate so much that I must have gained a dress size, so worth it though. It was so nice to just be able to chill and girl-talk about everything in the world. Wine, candy, facial masks, and pizza – an unbeatable combination. It was even raining inside, giving us all that cozy feeling of hearing the rain hit the windows while eating warm pizza delivered straight to the door. 

We had so much to catch up on! Luckily, us girls can multitask!  

It had been a long time since Id seem my best friends, we’ve all just been so caught up in work lately. So it was time we arranged a girls’ night in! In the background I had old episodes of “The Bachelor” playing, we all used to meet up once a week and watch that. Now that we don’t have time for that every week, it was fun to make up funny and shady comments while watching it together again. After a while, we started talking about guilty pleasure movies and ended up with Mean Girls in the background. 

I love pizza

I still have so much leftover pizza, lunch for days! 

We definitely overdid it with the pizza. Just saying, we can eat! But even with our pizza-eating-skills, we were not able to concur this mountain. In the end, I just gave up. I remember sitting with the slice in my hand, thinking “I will eat you”, and realizing no, its just too much. On the plus side, I’ve got lunch ready for the next few days. I’m one of the ones who actually really enjoy my leftover pizza. Some just throw it away, don’t be wasteful – you could be eating more pizza! Win-win! 

Pizza is life

Thanks to my friends I found my new favorite facial mask! 

One of my friends was smart and kind enough to go by the mall and get a facial mask for everybody. What a classic and awesome thing to bring for a girls’ night in! After filling us up with carbs and pepperoni the makeup came off and the facial mask and cucumber slices came on! Almost kinda therapeutic just chilling on the couch with closed eyes laughing about all the bad choices The Bachelor makes. “Come on! How could you send her home???”   

Have to do this again soon!

With work and so much going on it can be easy to go longer and longer periods without hanging out. I really need to be better at taking time out for my friends. They mean so much to me. Seriously, couldn’t imagine not having them (or pizza) in my life!