girls night with muffins

Girls night where we made muffins

I love spending time with my close friends. I really cherish the time we get together. My friends and I always try to find something fun to do when we have our weekly girls night.¬†Whether it’s trying something new, or just watching a movie. This time we made yummy muffins.¬†

A date with your friend

When I plan something with a friend, it’s important to me to not cancel. It’s an appointment, and I should value it as much as I would any other appointment, even though it’s not like it’s a work meeting or anything. It’s kinda like I have a date with my friend when we are only the two of us hanging out. Except for that none of us tries to get with the other person, and we’re not interested in each other in that way. Haha! I’ve noticed we eat a lot together, me and my friends. We had a really successful girls night which was a pizza night not long ago as well. Quality time is really the best. And the muffins were sooo good! It was easy and fun. Very recommendable.

girls night baking

A girls night = real quality time

I am so happy and blessed to have some friends that I know will be there for me no matter what. Because of that I think that every girls night is so much fun and something that gives me so much energy. I feel like having girls night is not something you do with someone you don’t know that well. Because I only do it with my closest girls, I get so much positive out of it.

The positive things with girls night

First of all, I am relaxing when I’m spending time with my closest ones. Second of all, I really can trust my close friends with anything. I know they’ve got my back. And third, I know my friends will always be real with me and never give me bullshit advice. I always trust that when I ask my friends for advice, they will give me the best they can think of. I must admit that a lot of time at girls night is spent talking about our lives and giving each other advice on how to cope with different things, which is so important.

Girls night is the best

Cherish the times you get to have a girls night

My mom once told me to cherish the quality time I get. She said to really appreciate girls night. I remember thinking that she was overreacting and not quite getting what she was talking about. But as the years went by, I understood. Me and my girls get more and more busy and caught up in our daily life with responsabilities and important things. Quality time is not as easy to plan as it used to be. So yes, I definitely cherish girls night. And I will keep doing it as long as I get to have girls night in my life. Oh, by the way! This is the recipe we used for the muffins! Very easy and yummy. I can recommend it for you if you’re gonna hang out with friends or family anytime soon.