My diary

Busy me, I’m a busy bee

Lately, I’ve been really busy and had a lot going on… I have realized that I have a lot of pent up stress inside and that I really need to cope with it. I will share with you the ways I cope with stress in my life, and maybe you can share some tips with me as well. 

Not noticing how busy I am

Something that is sooo typical when it comes to me, myself and I… Is that I really don’t notice how much I have going on! How busy I really am. And to be honest when I don’t notice that, I keep on making more plans, haha. It’s just that I want to join every activity… And it’s not that I’m so popular, but I guess I have a little bit of FOMO. But when I do things, it’s always so cozy. Like for example the pizza night I had with some friends the other day. A night to remember!

Realizing that stress is unhealthy

I always keep on working a lot and push myself. I am very proud of my work ethic, and that I rarely give up. Always giving it all, especially when it comes to working. The only negative thing with that is that sometimes I take on too much. I did not realize until a colleague told me that I NEVER say no and I’m always busy! I had to take a long hard look in the mirror and admit to myself that she was completely right.

Busy at work

Finding a solution that works

After realizing that my colleague was completely right in regards to me taking on a lot of tasks and being very busy, I’ve been thinking a lot. I think I have found a solution that can work really well for me. First of all, I will be better at using my personal planner for plans outside of work. I have one that I use for all tasks at work, and then one that I use in my personal life. I’ve started to accept and understand that stress can be quite dangerous, both physically and mentally… So I absolutely need to take more care of myself when it comes to that. With my personal planner, I will write up all of my appointments that I do have, both with friends and things I set up for myself to do alone.

Scheduling alone time

In my personal planner, I have promised myself that I will schedule at least one afternoon a week with ZERO plans. With alone time. I think I will have to write down that alone time so that I don’t make plans or am busy on the afternoon I’m gonna spend alone. I will use that time to watch Netflix, eat some yummy food, listen to podcasts, or whatever else I feel like. Some real me-time is well needed, no matter who you are. Trust me! This is something that hopefully will come naturally eventually, but I honestly think I need to schedule it for myself at first.

Do you guys have any tips and tricks when it comes to handling a busy life? Please share them with me if you do!