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Wild X Beauty – A world of entertainment and shopping

Fall is coming, and the colder weather makes it very tempting to hide under a blanket with a warming cup of coffee and a good book. I need to tell you about this cool new service that I found called Wild X Beauty. You can become a member with them and access a wide variety of digital entertainment services. They offer a large selection of music and podcasts, TV streaming, newspapers and magazines, and ebooks. I discovered some new favorites while using Wild X Beauty, maybe you will too!

How does Wild X Beauty services work?

Wild X Beauty is a membership-based service. After signing up, you will get a monthly gift card. You can use this gift card on a wide range of digital entertainment services. What I especially like about Wild X Beauty is that you can try out the different subscriptions through them. You don’t have to give them any credit card numbers or other personal information. The subscriptions only go through Wild X Beauty, so if you don’t like a service you just quit it. They can’t keep charging you if you don’t want to! This makes it feel safer for me as a customer to try a variety of entertainment services and see which ones I like best. 

You can also renew your wardrobe with Wild X Beauty

Wild X Beauty is not just about entertainment. I have been checking out their website, and they have so many cool fashion and cosmetics products. It’s a little universe of entertainment and shopping! 

I was browsing the Wild X Beauty website and found some beautiful jackets and coats. I have my eyes on a faux fur coat from Guess. My favorite fall coat is worn out, so it’s about time I get a new one. I can’t be the only one who struggles to part with favorite pieces of clothing?? Some clothes almost end up forming part of your identity, and it’s sad to let them go.
I also found a comfy Adidas sweatshirt that I’m going to live in this fall. When the weather is warm I like to experiment with different styles. In winter, however, all I want to do when I’m home is to wrap myself up in huge cozy scarves and thick sweaters. 

Adidas Sweater

Discover some new TV streaming favorites with Wild X Beauty

You already know that I’m a huge fan of New Girl. It’s so easy to put on an old favorite and stick to what you know. I’m eager to discover some new shows to watch though! I like to laugh and have fun, but sometimes it’s good to watch a different genre that makes you think and reflect. I have heard a lot about The Handmaid’s Tale. It’s supposed to be a very well made show. I want to try signing up for HBO through Wild X Beauty to check it out. The show takes you to the world of Gilead which is plagued by environmental disasters and low birth rates. Women are seen as property of the state and have to help repopulate the world. I’m looking forward to seeing some new types of shows, and Wild X Beauty makes it so easy to explore!

Wild X Beauty Netflix

Brighten up your day with music 

Every time I have to do something that’s remotely boring, I need some sort of entertainment to get me through it. A good example is house cleaning. It’s the worst! I love the result when it’s done of course, but I can’t vacuum the floor or scrub the shower without a good song. That’s why I like to put my favorite artists on and rock away with the mop in my hands. The music takes me to another world. I’m always done before I know it! 

Podcasts are great for walking 

A couple of years ago I discovered podcasts. I had heard about them before of course, but I thought they were like a boring radio show. One day, when I was about to go on a walk, I decided to give it a try. Remember to get your 10,000 steps in every day by the way! This is so much easier when I have a good podcast to accompany me on my daily walk through my neighborhood. I tried this hilarious podcast through Wild X Beauty that’s called Comedy Bang Bang. Exercise is a hundred times more fun when you’re laughing, am I right??

Wild X Beauty music

Wild X Beauty lets you try new magazines and newspapers

When I was little I used to get a weekly allowance from my parents. I had to work for it of course, such as cleaning my room, clearing the table after dinner, and walking the dog. Saturday morning was the magical time of the week for me. I took my allowance to the store and picked out a magazine and my favorite snacks. Then I went back to my room and stayed there for hours. I read the magazine slowly because I didn’t want it to end. As a teenager, I wanted to read “grown-up magazines” such as Cosmopolitan and Vogue. Oh, the memories! With Wild X Beauty I plan on checking out some new magazines. I’ve always wanted to try the National Geographic magazine because their TV-channel is so interesting.

Wild X Beauty magazines

Wind down with an ebook from Wild X Beauty  

I’m a big fan of books. I just like the way they feel in my hands. The issue with paper books is the number of trees that have to be cut down to produce them. That’s why I recently bought myself a Kindle e-reader. I still allow myself to buy a book from the bookstore once in a while as a special treat, but most of the time I go the digital route. Amazon has an amazing selection of ebooks to choose from. With Wild X Beauty you can try Kindle Unlimited by Amazon. You won’t ever run out of options! What is great about ebooks is that you can take an entire library with you in your purse. The next time I go on holiday I will load up my Kindle with exciting page-turners. I’m already looking forward to lounging on a sunbed for hours with a good book!

Wild X Beauty ebooks

Other Wild X Beauty finds I would like to share 

One thing that makes me happy as a clam is makeup. You already know this! I love exploring new products and testing things that have recently been launched in the beauty market. Something new is always being released, and I like to stay up to date. 

Looking fresh with makeup on is one thing, but let’s not forget to actually take care of our skin. Here are some interesting products from Wild X Beauty that I’m eager to try:


Carita Ideal Hydration Facial Mask:
This is a face mask that promises to leave your skin hydrated, soft, and calm. It adapts perfectly to the contours of the face thanks to a “second skin effect”. Suitable for extra dry skin. I need this, because in winter my face feels like a wrinkled raisin! With some good moisture, it goes back to normal, so I hope this mask will do the trick. 

Shiseido UV-Protection Stick Foundation:
The sun is strong in summer, and it’s so easy to forget to protect against burns and premature aging. This stick foundation with UV-protection is easy to apply on the go. I’ll definitely bring this with me on my next vacation in the sun. Even skin tone and full protection? Yes, please!

Color Pop

Fun stuff

InnovaGoods – Mirbat 3-in-1 Pocket Mirror and Power Bank:
Ok – what a cool product! This pocket mirror comes with a LED light and also works as a power bank. Perfect for me, because I like to fix my lipstick when I’m out and about, like after having lunch. Also, I’m always running low on battery. I use my phone all the time! Having this mirror with an integrated power bank will literally save my day. 

InnovaGoods Electric Makeup Applicator:
I don’t know if I need this, but I definitely want it. It’s an electric makeup applicator that uses low-frequency vibrations. This helps with applying the foundation as evenly as possible. Sometimes it can be tricky to get that flawless look, but this might be the solution. I’m looking forward to testing it!

A pop of color 

Essie Nail Varnish Russian Roulette:
I have previously written about how I’m a sucker for red lipsticks. This gorgeous red nail polish from Essie that I found will complement my favorite lipstick from YSL perfectly! I picture myself wearing an all-black outfit with a pop of red on my lips and nails. 

Lancôme Gloss Juicy Shaker:
This is a brand new concept that I have never tried before. This lip product combines saturated color pigments with nourishing oils. It promises shiny lips with a beautiful color, but without stickiness. I’m intrigued!

Will you give Wild X Beauty a try? 

I love the feeling of having made a good deal! I wanted to share this new find with you. I’m sure some of you will appreciate it, because saving money is never wrong. Am I right??