Soul Joe gardner

Soul, the latest masterpiece from Disney Pixar

It is not the first time. We are actually accustomed to it. Disney Pixar delivered us their latest great project called Soul. But this one is going further. Welcome to the peculiar universe of Joe Gardner and his incredible adventure, full of positive messages.

Soul in few words

Soul life changes

Soul is the story of Joe Gardner, a music teacher in a modest school. The main character, voiced by Jamie Foxx, is running a quiet life. But everything is going to change the day Joe receives the news that changes his life. But everything is not going to go the way he expected. Along his adventure, a lost soul called 22 is going to follow him. In their adventure, both of them will have to learn from each other in order to go through all the obstacles found on their way. And it is possible that they won’t only learn about themselves. The last project from Disney Pixar is a tribute to life itself and how good life really can be once you found out how lucky you can be.

Powerful messages

Soul offers you a double vision angle. A classic from Disney Pixar, making the animation enjoyable for kids but also for their parents. In this case, the film will please the parent. With powerful messages, it will help us to remember that life is just wonderful, and we have to enjoy any moment. Because this is what makes life so beautiful. Addition of little moments. Joe will learn it through all those new experiences he didn’t expect. Regarding 22, this is another important part of life that we will learn. The fact that keep open-minded is important to accept any situation we are living, but also to take the best from any experience.

Joe and 22 are about to learn the most beautiful lesson of their life.

The reference to the “zone”


This may be the most important message. When Joe and 22 first meet Moonwind (voiced by Graham Norton). The eccentric character show them the land separating the soul world from the human world. A land where you can travel only if you are able to let it go, forget about everything and start spiritual travel. Where you are only focus on your feelings and what you’re doing. This isĀ  “the zone”. The zone is a good place to be, where it’s just you and yourself. Nothing else. But Moonwind himself warn you. Do not make your passion an obsession. Otherwise, you will end up in the land of the lost souls, and you will lose the sense of your goals. But do not worry, you always have someone to bring you back to the reason and pleasure.

The moral of Soul

As we have seen, Soul is full of positive messages. But there is one, the main one. Enjoy your life! No matter who or where even less when. Just enjoy it. Because all those little moments are the pieces building the story you will think about later. Find your way, and fulfill yourself with what makes you happy. Free your soul!


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