Favorite Series 2020 Netflix

My favorite Netflix series from 2020

Is it ok to admit that I have secretly enjoyed having time to binge-watch series? I am not saying that I had a ball this lockdown but simply that hasn’t it been nice to stay home, watching your favourite programmes, and not feel guilty for wasting your time indoors? With Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, etc, we have had an abundance of series, documentaries, and movies to keep us entertained. Here I’ll recommend some (as there were many!) of my favourites from this year which are on par with New girl. If you haven’t seen these already, you are missing out.

Favourite Series La Casa De Papel

No 1: La casa de papel (Money heist)

At the top spot, we have my absolute favourite. I literally was awake until the early hours of the morning watching this. It is addictive. What I love the most is that this originally was broadcast as a Spanish production. They originally stopped after the first 9 episodes, as it was a success but not a spectacular one. Then Netflix broadcast it. If you watch the episode on Netflix which shows the making of the series, you will see how it exploded! Fast forward to today and we are currently awaiting series 5, to be released in January 2021. This show even has its own merchandise. Unsurprisingly, yes, they are hanging proudly in my wardrobe.

Even if you haven’t seen it, I am sure that you have heard all the hype surrounding this Spanish heist crime drama. Follow its 8 much-loved characters as they plan to break into the bank of Spain. Watch as their own personalities cause issues along the way. I do not want to give away too much but there are constant twists and turns. A professor has a plan that he shares with his ‘students’. A foolproof plan that could not go wrong, right? Too many people trying to do the same task can lead to a royal hot mess.

Series no 2: The Crown

Being a royalist myself, I am a great fan of the royal family. The Crown offers an insight into the life of Elizabeth II during her reign. The series has faced a lot of criticism from the royal family for wrongly portraying Prince Charles, in particular. This gave me even more reason to watch it. The secrets of the royal family are classified, and the public only sees a small snippet of their lives when they choose to come into the public eye. In series 4, The Crown offers a ‘fly on the wall’ perspective to Princess Diana and the political rivalries and romances that occur.

Favourite Series Tiger King

No 3: Tiger King

Where do I even start with this series? If you would have told me that there would be a production released about one man and his camp of tigers and it would become one of the most-watched series of 2020. I would have thought that you were crazy. This follows the owner of a zoo founded on the underworld of the breeding of big cats. Although, believe me, this is no David Attenborough documentary! Featuring some unbelievable scenes like the main personality of the show campaigning for president. Whilst, one of the zoo workers has their arm savaged by a tiger and then returns to work. Entertainment on another level!