New Girl på Netflix

New Girl – The show you have to watch

How’s your favorite tv show? Mine is a tv show that’s perfect for bingewatching, that lets you laugh for hours. It’s a big plus if I love the actors as well… And here you got a quick description of a tv show I really love – New Girl

New Girl is so hilarious

The tv show New Girl starts out hilarious and continues being that during all the 7 seasons. As you all know already I have some guilty pleasures when it comes to movies… On the other hand, New Girl is not a guilty pleasure. I try to recommend it to as many as I can, because it’s simply so much fun. Because the cast is such a good mix of characters, I feel like the show can really reach a lot of different people. It’s a show that I watch both in the morning when I get ready for the day, and at night when I get ready for sleep. It always works, cause it’s short witty and always leaves me happy.

Watching New Girl in my bed

A tv show that is as good alone as with another person

Some tv shows are simply not that great to watch alone… For me, that goes for crime shows, thrillers and not to mention horror movies. I just want to state once and for all, so you all know… Horror movies are the worst. I just can’t watch it because it really leaves me with nightmares a long time after watching it. It’s terrible. Something I do love, on the other hand, is watching comedy shows or reality shows by myself or with friends. It just brings me a lot of joy, haha. Might be a bit crazy to let New Girl affect my life that much, but that’s what comedy is all about. Spreading happiness to the audience.

New Girl Cast

New Girl has a big mix of actors

The most famous actress that is also the star of New Girl, is Zooey Deschanel. She has been in a lot of great movies, and I was very happy when I first saw that she is the main character here. I love that New Girl both has male and female “main characters”. Without spoiling anything I can say that Jess (the main character of New Girl) needs to find a place to live quick, and ends up moving into an apartment she found on Craigslist. Three guys are already living there, and they become housemates. This is the root to a lot of strange, unexpected, and hilarious things. I can absolutely recommend it if you’re a comedy junkie.

Reaching a big audience

Because of the wide cast and the different roles they all take in the household, in addition to all the things that happen, the tv show can reach a very big audience. If you want to take a look on IMDB to check the score of New Girl, you can do that here. Jess is a very gullible elementary school teacher and moving in with a law-school dropout, an eccentric businessman that thinks he can get any woman he wants, and a former professional athlete turns out to become a very funny mix.

It’s definitely a must-watch! Absolutely recommend New Girl for you.