Favorite guilty pleasure movies

My all-time favorite guilty pleasure movies!

We all have them! Movies we loooove to watch, but maybe don’t brag about loving! The perfect movies to watch on a rainy day, or when feeling a bit down. The perfect remedy to make yourself feel a lot better! I also have a ton of guilty pleasure TV-shows, but that’s a story for another day. Honestly, I used a long time coming up with this list, there were just too many good ones to choose from! Almost feel like I offended the ones I left out. Well, sorry for the movies that didn’t make the cut! Here are my all-time favorite guilty pleasure movies! 

Freaky Friday

Freaky Friday guilty pleasure

Lindsay Lohan was still an innocent teen, that randomly switched bodies with her mom. Hate when that happens, right? Since we’re talking about Lohan, two of her other movies where cut from this list. Parent Trap and Mean Girls. Great guilty pleasure movies, but Freaky Friday is just better! I think its due to my own nostalgic feeling that I have for this movie. It just gives me all the right vibes. Chad Michael Murray from One Tree Hill is also in this, another show I loved around this time. What more could you dream of from a movie from 2003? Grabbing my popcorn and getting ready for some good ‘ol body-switching! Think I might watch this movie again when my best friend gets here! 

She’s All That

A movie with maybe a bit problematic theme that would not be made today, but if you manage to ignore that – a great stereotypical rom-com from 1999. Could it be the best makeover movie ever? Basically a story about an ugly duckling turning into a swan. If by ugly you would mean a stunningly beautiful woman, with glasses. She takes them off, and “wow!” a different person. Yes, some of the scenes make me wanna roll my eyes, but hey it was the 90s! Funny and lighthearted, I just love this movie. And who could forget the scene where Laney slowly walks down the stairs? “Kiss me, out of the bearded barley. Nightly, beside the green, green grass” Ah, those were the days! 

Pitch Perfect is a perfect guilty pleasure movie! 

guilty pleasure karaoke
Me singing the cup song as loud as I can while watching the Bellas rock!

How great is this movie! I can not get enough of it! The rest of the movie series is also amazing in my humble opinion, but this one takes the cake! Super cheesy and cliche, and still, it works! I mean, Fat Amy! Do I need to say anything else? I like to have my own personal concert, singing along while watching the movie. My poor, poor neighbors. Actually, writing about the Accapella movie made me wanna watch it again tonight! So tonight I’m grabbing the popcorn and becoming a Bella!