Extravagant Celebrity Valentine’s Day Gifts

Extravagant celebrity Valentine’s Day gifts

Valentine’s Day is a time when we can show our appreciation for our loved ones. For most of us, this would be with a bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates, something to such a degree. Contrarily, Valentine’s Day for celebrities who have no budget means something entirely different. Celebrities, on the other hand, show their love for one another through extortionate gifts with hefty price tags. Let’s take a look at some of the gifts of the elite.

Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott

We are well aware of what a success Kylie Jenner has become. In addition to this, she is in a relationship with successful rapper Tyga. So it was no surprise that Valentine’s Day brought some crazy gift exchanges between the pair. Has Tyga been spending too much time on Instagram lately? As his settings for the special day have been what dreams are made of. In 2019, he filled the entrance to her mansion in red rose petals shaped like hearts. Of course, rose petals alone wouldn’t have been enough, right?

In 2017 though was the real showstopper. Not only did he take her to the top of the iconic Empire State building on Valentine’s Day, but he later gifted her with a grand watch costing around $50,000 (USD). A one of a kind gift. Except, not for Kylie Jenner. She also received a watch of the same value, the year before, whilst on a helicopter ride over one of the greatest cities of the world, New York.

Celebrity Valentine’s Day Gifts NY

Valentine’s Day never fails Kim Kardashian

Like her sister, Kylie, Kim is showered in gifts for birthdays, Christmas, christenings, Tuesdays, on any occasion really. However, some things do not have a price tag. Having said that, the $73,000 (USD) Cartier bracelet that she received in 2015, did have a hefty price tag. Ever the romantic, Kanye has also been known to serenade Kim with a saxophone. Sweet! Nevertheless, my personal favourite gift that Kim has ever received for Valentine’s Day is a good sum of cold hard cash from her ex Reggie Bush. Some want flowers, some have better ideas!

The absolute dream – Chrissy Teigen & John Legend

As if John Legend wasn’t already the dream man, serenading his ‘All of Me’ song to his beloved wife, he also knows how to go above and beyond on Valentine’s Day. In 2015, he not only booked a private jet for his wife, but he gave her the option of where she wanted to go. Anywhere in the world! The Maldives, Montenegro, New York, can you even imagine having that option? Top marks for Mr John Legend. Originality, romantic, and something to daydream about for years to come.

Celebrity Valentine’s Day Gifts Private Jet

A tree for Valentine’s Day?

Sometimes, we can be so materialistic. Katy Perry bought Russell Brand a $341,000 Bentley. David gifted Victoria a $8 million Bulgari necklace dripping with exquisite jewels. However, we have seen some exceptions. Let’s take our Friend’s favourite Courtney Cox, for example. She bought her ex-husband, David Arquette, a $45,000 antique carousel horse. Though, the most random gift for Valentine’s Day has to be the olive tree that Angelina Jolie bought for Brad Pitt. Costing approximately $19,000, he must really love olives. Take a look at our very pleased celebrities snapping themselves enjoying their Valentine’s Day gifts, on Instagram.