The Real Celebrity Influencers That Make A Difference

Celebrities are in a way always influencers because they are watched by so many people, particularly young people. So while the word influencer has become huge today, influencing also comes with great responsibilities. The real celebrity influencers are the ones that take that responsibility seriously and influence others in a positive way. 

The other day I saw Chrissy Teigen on Instagram being open about her losing her baby. It was a deep, powerful and intense post. I know that I was affected a lot by it and so were many people in the comments. Others started sharing about having similar experiences and felt a relief that someone else was sharing this in such an open way.

I’m not saying that everyone has to put out the same content and be equally as open about their privacy but either way, celebrities do have a responsibility to their followers.

Real celebrity influencers bring up important topics

Making an impact celibrity influencers

We don’t discuss experiences and issues like losing a baby or postpartum depression that much. Celebrity influencers make a big difference by creating a safe space with their followers and by bringing their real persona to the table instead of just the stage persona. Without longing for more authenticity, surely we wouldn’t be seeing as much of it going on amongst celebrities.

Whether it started as an attention grabber or a grasp for fame, I am glad that it’s here. And there are many celebrities that are indeed authentic and genuinely care about people and their fans. It’s become more of a community on social media where fans are not only interacting with celebrities but with each other.

This is the beautiful and positive aspect of social media. It’s a place where you can make a huge impact on people and be a part of a supportive community.

There are many ways for celebrity influencers to make a difference

It can be talking about a difficult subject that women go through or about encouraging men to be more open. Men actually often go through depression and in some countries, the suicide rates among men are much higher. This is because men don’t have the same opportunity to vent and talk about their emotions.

We do live in a society that encourages hiding emotions and being fierce and goal-driven. While having goals and being ambitious is a good thing, emotionless does not one human make.

Fitness, health and self-love

Then we have the fitness celebrity influencers like Halle Berry that have shown a different side to her on social media. Not to mention Arnold Schwartzenegger and Sylvester Stallone talking about goals, discipline, health, food and fitness. We all need some of that!

Among women, I appreciate Oprah Winfrey of course. Lady Gaga has surprised me a lot after her interview with Oprah. Her story is deep and impressive and she aims to make a positive impact on others.

So the conclusion is that celebrity influencers are making an impact on people every single day. Also, choosing who you follow carefully and who you admire in the “celebrity world” is important.